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Europe's leading Master Lenticular Printer

Lenticular-Europe has gained an international reputation of being the best in the field for high quality bespoke, point of sale and display lenticular production. Established in 1998

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jake@lenticular-europe.com or +44(0)7980 665356

Lenticular design and print

Jake Purches. Master Lenticular Printer

Lenticular Europe, founded by Jake Purches, is one of the world's earliest DIGITAL lenticular design and production studios established in 1998. We are located near Horsham, West Sussex, less than one hour from London and half an hour from the M25.

Our Passion is Lenticular - from 3d photography and graphics to motion animations and flip signs, from small to large, from a few to millions.

Our large format Lenticulars are made by Laser C-type photographic methods using our Lightjet printer, which has unparalleled resolution and continuous tone. No grainy lenticulars and no banding artefacts from us!

Our bespoke production is carried out in house. Please contact or email for more information. We prepare lenticular production for litho printing and can provide press management for lenticular lithographic printing.

We also provide in house specialist photographic services - Drum scanning and Lightjet digital photo printing on colour print and Duratrans back lit and black and white papers for exhibition and commercial. We can provide turnkey solutions for Lightbox displays and exhibition systems.

Jake Purches has been creating lenticular design and print for over 22 years. He has done much pioneering work in making ultra smooth 3d and motion lenticular imaging. He is a Photographer and Computer Graphics / Photoshop expert. He is a writer and trainer in Lenticular litho printing, and has travelled all over the world training printers in Britain, Brazil, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and South Africa. Jake's design and technical abilities assure the highest level of quality for your project. Jake's interests include holography, laser optics, acoustics and Astronomy. Jake also has expertise in Audio Visual and Loudspeaker systems and recording.

What can we do for you?

3d Photo Studio

No project is too big or too small. We make any size from one off to a million. We do a lot of bespoke creations for many of the worlds best artists. Most are under non-disclosure so if you want to see a portfolio of older (public domain) work please email and we will show you. These are also on display in our Studio for you to see if you wish to visit, and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Our services include (but not limited too)-

  • Lenticular printing - commercial, Litho, Art and installations
  • 3D Photography for lenticular printing - Art, fashion, Product
  • C-type digital printing to photographic paper - Colour and Fibre Black and White
  • Drum scanning - of photographic transparencies and negatives
  • Graphic design services
  • Original photography - product, portrait, fashion, Landscape
  • Print mounting
  • Basic Flip Lenticular
    Marvel Comics Spiderman

    Basic 'Flip' effects (or two phase) are the most common effects that can be produced by Lenticular Graphics. A 'flip' refers to each image that is interlaced into a lenticular graphic. A 'Two Flip' forms the foundation of flip effects, and results in two images 'flipping' back and forth as the viewing angle of the printed piece is changed.

    Multi Flip Lenticular
    Happy Feet movie

    This 'Happy Feet' lenticular is a Three phase flip with 3d effects for background. Lenticulars can use all the different special effects all at the same time.

    Animation Lenticular
    Sweeny Todd

    Animations are a series of frames that can play back a small sequence. Video sequences can be used or more traditional animation techniques.This one has 30 frames.

    3d Lenticular
    Tubular Bells

    A 3d lenticular gives the illusion of depth and is very effective at showing form and volume in a flat print. Great for eye candy as well as serious presentations.3d Flip images can be produced too. The Tubular Bells 3d image was made for a CD insert.

    Morphing Lenticular
    Morphing Lenticulars

    A lenticular playback on the animation theme - one object can change into another. Here Frederick Soddy, Nobel Peace prize winner is morphed from a young man to old man. Client: Eastbourne college for boys..

    Zoom Lenticular
    Zooming Lenticulars

    A Zoom lenticular playback on the animation theme - one object can change into another. Needs careful artwork to create a smooth zoom. This image was shot by Ulf Mark Pederson for a gallery series of lenticulars we produced for him.