base 2 studios for lenticular printing and digital photography services


Samples of work by Base 2 Studio.

Client: AMV BBDO. Guinness Concept Mead Vickers BBDO Lenticular Engineering on 60pli

Client: UBS Bank. Bank concept - Outdoor Partners Ltd 24 frame animation Lenticular 15 lpi large format


Client: KPMG. Cardiff Bay 3d 8 Lens Medium format camera - 20 LPI 48x36 inch lenticular Lightjet prints (5 prints)

Client: Lucas Films. 3d promo for Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. Large format 15lpi rendered in 3d Studio Max

Client: Spiderman. Movie posters Spiderman lll Transfomers

Client: Manchester United Football Club. David Beckham image converted from 2d to 3d

Client: Birdseye

Client: Happy Feet

Client: Egyptian Museum. Tutankhamun

Client: Dreamworks. Sweeney Todd DVD Launch

Client: Nokia. Ngage-Mk2 Wireless multiplayer game

Client: Nike. Nike Airzoom Total

Client: Parker. Parker Vector 3-in-1

Client: Uli Meyer. Logo Design Uli Meyer

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