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Incredible Lenticular 3d, the story behind a Lenticular project.

The four chosen statues of Olympic Athletes were chosen by the client to grace her large apartment room in South Kensington, London. The final lenticular images are 2.4 metres high (around 8 foot) and 1.2 metres wide (4 foot). Each is framed in a plaster stucco surround and hung. The commission started in October 2004 in Rome, Italy and are probably one of the largest single objects to be photographed in three dimensions, using an adapted hasselblad camera on 6x6cm medium format transparency film.

Hammer Film Productions woman in black

The Stadio Olimpico was built in the 1930s duing the rule of Mussolini and the origins of the statues is unknown. Their enormous size makes for a technically challenging and but satisfying 3d photographs, especially as the finished lenticulars were two thirds life size. The sense of depth is dramatic. The animation to the left is a composite of two of the statues. You can see the finished images in the photos below.

Stadio Olimpico, Rome ItalyThe Stadio Olimpico
Photographing the statues at Stadio OlimpicoPhotographing the statues
The finished lenticulars hung in LondonThe finished lenticulars

Jake Purches undertook the commission, photographed the figures on location in Rome and produced the final images using Lightjet technology back at Base2 Studio for grainless continuous tone prints that were mounted to Microlens 20 lpi narrow angle perspex 3d lenses sheet.