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All about Base 2 Studio.

Base2 Studio, founded by Jake Purches, is one of the world's earliest digital lenticular design and production studios established in 1998.
We are located in Arundel, West Sussex, one hour from London.
Our Passion is Lenticular - from 3d photography and graphics to motion animations and flip signs, from small to large, from few to millions.
Our large format Lenticulars are made by Laser photographic methods using our Lightjet 5000, which has unparalleled resolution and continuous tone. We also manufacture 'Kodak Dynamic Image Lenticulars' using our digital ‘Kodak LVT’ system.
These are available up to 8x10 size for small production runs.
We print on 6 station UV extended delivery presses, set up for direct litho printing of lenticular plastic for quantities above 1000 sheets. Our bespoke production is carried out in house. Please contact or email for more information.

Jake Purches and his associates Alex Roberts and Gary Marsh bring their combined talents in technology, marketing, creativity and design.
We also provide in house specialist photographic services - Drum scanning, 10x8 inch film recording and Lightjet digital photo printing.
Jake, has been creating lenticular design and print for over 14 years. He has done much pioneering work in making ultra smooth 3d and motion lenticular imaging. He is a Photographer and Computer Graphics / Photoshop expert. He is a writer and trainer in Lenticular litho printing, and has travelled all over the world training printers in Britain, Brazil, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and South Africa. Jake's design and technical abilities assure the highest level of quality for your project. Jake's interests include holography, laser optics, acoustics and Astronomy. Jake also has expertise in Audio Visual and Loudspeaker systems.
Gary F Marsh is our associate designer. He is a world-class graphic designer and has over 20 years experience in the field and provides us with elegant and effective graphic solutions.
Alex Roberts is our production coordinator. Alex has extensive experience working in Africa and Asia in engineering, reconstruction and logisitics.


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